Fallout 2 is probably the game I’ve played the most. There’s just so much of it to play with, and I usually found something new to do. It took me a long time to really be able to be capable at fighting, and then realised that it was incredibly easy to create a highly specialised character that could charm everyone he hadn’t already shot, but was unable to punch someone standing in front of him. Then, if you weren’t quite powerful enough, you could take lots of drugs and out-shoot everyone in the game (then crash and suffer the effects of addiction).

It is, compared to Fallout 1, a messy, disorganised game, with lots of holes and a story that just falls apart in the middle. It also starts really badly making you go through a tedious Temple of Trials, which in no way prepares you for the rest of the game as the majority of it is definitely not a dungeon crawl, as the first bit would have you believe.

Still, it’s a game I love to play to death. Usually, I up my Speech and Small Guns skills, do all the quests and then blow the legs off anything that doesn’t matter.

And still, people admire me for being such a kind soul.


That is all.

Either the PC or the DS.

Pro-PC: game mods. Ever reached the end of a game and thought “well, that was good, I wish there was more of it”? Well, with lots of games, there are fan-made mods and patches that extend and improve the game. Fallout 2 has a sizeable modding community, that carried out modding the game ‘to completion’, based on what could have been had the original design team not had to meet a deadline or work for money. The Creatures series would have been half as much fun if it were not for the fact that the Creatures Community released patches, extra species, rooms… the list goes on and on and on.

Pro-DS: it doesn’t try to be serious, and it’s hand-held, and it’s full of good older games that would be overlooked otherwise. Phoenix Wright was originally on the Gameboy Advance, and would have been forgotten if the DS didn’t pick the series back up. TWEWY is amazing, and makes full use of the touch-screen. Brain Training is kind of boring, but is novel. Then, there are things like Another Code and Hotel Dusk/Last Window, which made puzzle games in vogue again.

This one is easy.

Batman: Arkham Asylum, hands down.

The combat just flows. There is no real aiming or targeting, you just kind of point at someone and attack, and Batman hands them their ass. There are special moves and things, but the bulk of it is just BATMAN SMASH!. There are little tricks you can do, let set off charges to stun enemies, send out decoys, shoot a claw at them and pull them into a bottomless pit (where, they presumably “arrested”). It’s awesome.

Then, there are the mystery-solving sections, where you put on Detective Mode, which sounds awful but actually is more like X-ray vision that lets you see an enhanced view of the world. This adds so much to the game, it’s unreal. You can see through walls, allowing you to hide from baddies, sneak up and BATMAN SMASH!.

Then, there is the exploring. So much exploring. There are little puzzles for you to do, set by the Riddler, which basically tell you to find clever little secrets hidden (like Scarecrow’s nest, or Catwoman’s gloves). This sounds awful, but it’s more fun than it is difficult.

And then there is the Joker. He is just hilarious all the way though. As you’re SMASHing his henchmen, he has a running commentary over the intercom talking about what you and they are doing, complete with threats and jokes.

Now, assuming I had ever played FF7, I would probably say “Aeris dying”, but I haven’t so I won’t.

In The World Ends With You there are a few moments that shocked me. The ‘erasure’ of Rhyme (it’s complicated) is surprising, because she’s such a sweet character.

Also, anything involving Shiki’s backstory is heartbreaking.

However, I think that the saddest is the almost final scene in Fable 2, where Sparrow is transported to an idyllic ranch, as a child again, where his dead sister is still alive. Everything seems a little off, so you know it’s a dream, but it’s still agonising as she begs you not to leave her as you walk out of the gate, down a path, and back to your real life.

Youtube video of the above scene.

The World Ends With You.

Hands down.

Although, I do like the Dwellers music in Fable 3.

Couple? In games? Whut?

Well, okay. This list was ported over from some other medium, so there are bound to be a few oddities. I honestly can think of no out-right couples.


For those who don’t know, according to the internet, every character in fiction is or has been romantically involved with every other character in fiction.

But that would be cheating, I suppose. I could say “Mario and Chun Li” and someone would have made a fanfic about it.

So, I guess I will say…
Diddy & Dixie
Diddy & Dixie Kong!

For those who don’t know, they are the playable characters in Donkey Kong Country 2. They are fairly balanced, although she has the notable ability to fly (by spinning round her prehensile hair), which is quite useful (as I’m sure it would be). They are a team, rather than just a girl who gets in trouble and a boy who saves her. Let a lesson be learnt.